The Role of Early Diagnosis and Intervention in Improving Outcomes for Lung Cancer


  • Adil Saeed Saidu Medical College, Swat, Pakistan Author
  • Faiz Muhammad Gomal Medical College, DI khan Author
  • Jawad Ahmad Northwest School of Medicine, Peshawar, Pakistan Author
  • Haseeb Akhtar Northwest School of Medicine, Peshawar, Pakistan Author
  • Muhammad Adeel Khyber Medical university institute of medical sciences, Kohat Author
  • Adnan Ahmad Northwest School of Medicine, Peshawar Author



lung cancer, early diagnosis, low-dose computed tomography, overall survival, quality of life, treatment-related adverse events


Introduction : For lung cancer patients,  early diagnosis and treatments  are essential to battering outcomes. The  objective of this world is to compare early diagnosis vs late  diagnosis in terms of overall survival ,progression _free survival,  quality of life and adverse events associated to treatment.

Methodology: A Prospective cohort trial of  seventy_ eight  lung cancer patients was Conducted at Hayatabad Medical Complex  in Peshawar  from December 2021 to March 2024. 39 patients had early diagnosis (n=39) while  39 received late  diagnosis(n=39) . Low_ dose Computed Tomography (DCT)  screening and prompt  symptom presentation lead to early diagnosis; incidental or symptomatic results were the basis for late diagnosis. Overall  Survival(OS)  , progression_ free survival (PFS), quality  of life(QoL) , and frequency of serious adverse events associated to therapy were the outcomes.

Results: At a median 'OS of 38 months compared to 14 months in the late diagnosis group (p<0.001)  and median PFS of 34 months compared to 10 months(p<0.001), the early diagnosis group  showed noticeably  superior results. At 12 months, 'the early diagnosis group had a better QoL scores'  a mean global health status of 75 compared to 55(p<0.01). Early diagnosis group (18%) had a lower frequency of serious adverse effects than did the late  diagnosis group(45%).

Conclusion: In patients with lung cancer, early detection and intervention greatly increases survival rates, prolong intervals without progression, improves quality of life, and lower  serious side effects associated to therapy. The results emphasized the need of early diagnosis techniques and efficient screening programs in the treatment  of lung cancer.

Keywords: lung Cancer, early diagnosis, low dose computed tomography,  overall survival, progression free survival, quality of life, treatment related adverse events


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